Postpartum Support: Nurturing New Moms

Hello Mamas!

Did you know that in some countries, their postpartum women are treated almost like queens? What I want to know is when this kind of postpartum care is going to start happening in America! I’ve gone through the postpartum experience five times, so I know a lot about what life is like for a new mom after she has given birth. In this video, you’ll learn all about the kind treatments and perks new moms are getting around the world during their maternity leave. Massage, anyone?

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Postpartum Care

new book by Claudia Kolker called “The Immigrant Advantage: What We Can Learn from Newcomers to America about Health, Happiness and Hope,” looks at how certain immigrants from other cultures prioritize caring for the new mom. Watch for more on these cultural differences on maternity and other postpartum issues!

Did you get support from your family and community when you had your baby? What did you want the most after giving birth? A nice full-body massage? Doesn’t sound so bad! Comment below with yours!