My Family’s Experience with Co-Sleeping

Happy Day after Labor Day, my dears.  Back to school, back to work, back to talking about babies and sleep on CloudMom.

Today’s video is about sleep sharing, something I had sworn I would never do.  When my babies were young, bed sharing was not something that worked for me, nor something my husband could tolerate since he’s a light sleeper.  One of my first videos was entitled: Co-Sleeping With Babies: Not For Me!  My mind made up, I was adamant.  The vast majority of the videos I first filmed for the site was on infant sleep training, and c0-sleeping did not figure into my nice and neat little schedules.

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Later, I mourned the fact that I would miss out on what some moms have said was such an intimate, cozy experience with their little ones.  Some moms were so kind and supportive and told me to just do it.  Yet even though I was tempted, even slightly jealous of the moms that had slept with their kids, still I held back.

Why?  I really love my kids, and I love to hug and kiss them, but why was I so scared to share a bed?

Nothing tests a parent's love like being awakened by a karate chop to the neck by their co-sleeping three year old.Like it? Share it!

I’m a big believer in the slippery slope and I thought that as soon as I turned in that direction, all the peace that comes to my home at night — and it pretty much comes only at night, my friends — would be gone.  And what would our bedtime routine become when everyone was vying to sleep with Mommy?  I thought I would lose my mind.

But this summer offered another opportunity and I did settle into bed with my kids to sleep at night … watch my video to see how and why and where we are now with the whole sleep sharing thing.

I have no regrets.

Do you sleep with your kids?  Did you?  Would you?  Could you?  Share below.

Love xo