Advice for Moms Pregnant With Second Baby

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Advice for Moms Pregnant With Second Baby

Pop Star Lily Allen

British singer Lily Allen and her hubby are expecting their second baby in December, when their little daughter Ethel will be just over a year old. I can totally relate having babies close in age – my first two boys are just 13 months apart!lily-allen

My advice for Mama Lily? Accept that you’ll never sleep again! Just kidding…read below for a few things I’ve learned along the way!

Preparing Toddler for New Baby

Many parents experience “Second Child Guilt” when expecting their new baby. It’s important to remember, though, that you haven’t done anything wrong! If anything, you are actually giving your first child a gift. They will now have a younger sibling to take care, who will turn into a lifelong friend! However, in my experience, it really is a good idea to dedicate a decent amount of time to your older baby or toddler when there’s a new baby in the house, in order to make them feel special! Their world has been rocked, and, as a parent, I have learned to be much more sensitive to this. What can you do when you’re so tired with the new baby? Well, simple things can go a very long way! Sit your toddler down on your lap and read to them a little longer than usual each night. Involve them in small, easy tasks so they can help taking care of the baby. This will give them a role so that they feel like they’re an important and needed part of the family!

In addition to trying to find special time for my older toddler when I had a new baby and involving them in the care of the baby, another thing that really helped me plan my own day and get a break was to sync up the nap times of both babies.

For more tips on how to handle a new baby when you already have a baby at home, watch my video and check out my daily vlog at CloudMom!

How far apart did you have your kids? What do you think is the ideal age difference between babies? Comment below!

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