Mom, Stop Comparing Yourself!

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So just because I think all of us mommies have our ups and downs, our highs and our lows, I did this vlog today about something that can really contribute to the lows: mom competition and our need to compare ourselves to other moms!!

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Mom Competition

From my experience a lot of the mom competition you see these days stems directly from moms feeling flat out insecure about themselves and their kids.  I’ve found that the moms who are the most competitive actually seem to have the deepest insecurities… Go figure!  It’s human nature to worry about what others do, but it’s not always healthy.  When you stop comparing yourself to others, I think you are going to find yourself feeling intimidated a whole lot less.

We all have our moments.  We all have our highs and our lows.  In this video, I talk a little bit more about how I have grappled with this issue of feeling that other moms have it all together all the time — which I think is a fallacy.  It is seeing other moms that way that has made me feel intimidated as a mom.

Please share your experiences below.  Love xoxo Melissa

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