Baby’s Smelly Diaper Gets Mom Kicked Off Bus?!

Dealing with stinky diapers is one of those rites of passage of motherhood, especially for new parents.  We’ve all been there…I know I have!  You’d think that the prospect of changing one of these beauties would be enough, but things got a lot worse for one Seattle mom when she actually got kicked off a public bus because of her 1-year-old’s smelly diaper.

Baby's Smelly Diaper Gets Mom Kicked Off Bus?!

Nichole Hakimian was on her way to the doctor with her sick child when the bus driver told her to get off.

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“‘Your baby, he smells really bad, and it’s not fair that we all have to smell that,” Hakimian, who is four months pregnant, said she was told.

Thankfully, she found a place and ended up changing the diaper in public and waited for the next bus, and eventually made it to the clinic where she learned that her son had a stomach bug.  She also filed a report.  Good for you, mama Nichole!  Way to go!

Funny that a similar incident happened around a year ago in Portland, Ore. when a mom was asked to leave a bus because her baby would not stop crying.  In that case, other passengers got off with the mom and her baby to lend moral support.  The whole incident went viral.  Awesome!  It takes a village, right?

My heart goes out to this poor mom.  How humiliating (not to say inconvenient) for her: public buses are for everyone and as long as someone is not being inconsiderate, moms have a right to bring to taking a baby on public transport.

Don’t you agree with me that moms should be most welcome on public transport, even if their little ones in tow smell or cry or make noise?

I was interviewed for “Good Morning America” on this story — watch here: