Mom Fashion: Red Spanish Dress for Date Night

Hello to all my lovelies from Barcelona!  I’ve fallen in love.  The open airs, nice breeze coming in from the Mediterranean, and laid back nature of this city has seduced this New York City girl.

Marc arrived last week and it’s been such a blast to be able to hit the town with my sweetie a few times.  The other night, we wandered around and happened upon this really fun place called El Nacional.  If you’re on the look-out for bars in Barcelona or fun, casual restaurants, Spanish tapas, or just a place to grab a drink, consider this amazing spot.

el Nacional Barcelona

Going into the evening, we didn’t really have any date night ideas, no reservation or specific plan.  How amazing just to wander around together the way we used to before having kids.  So much of our lives are scheduled and planned that it’s a welcome break to leave room for surprises.

Upon entering El Nacional, I marveled at the beauty and sophistication of the decor.  Check out the sleek and elegant art deco look of these lights and this bar — classic yet funky.

el Nacional Barcelona

If you’re like me, and date nights don’t happen too often, you’re sometimes not sure what to wear on a date night.  I prefer to overdress rather than underdress, simply because I get dressed up so rarely.  Most often, I’m running around in yoga clothes and I often don’t shower until evening.  For this special occasion, because I’m in love with Sandro women’s clothing, I chose a red, Spanish style dress I picked up there on sale last week.  (The dollar is strong and on July 1st, the stores here went to 50% off or more — hello!).  I paired it with some simple, black patent Stewart Weitzman shoes that are so comfy you really can walk in them, since I knew we would be walking around. (Confession: if you’ve been following my other fashion posts, you’ve seen these shoes before!  A girl needs a pair of black shoes she can rely on, right?)

Red Spanish dress

Spanish dress

Sandro women's clothing

It was a pleasure to have my in-house photographer back on site, snapping these pics.  People were sort of wondering who we were, but c’est la vie.

We eventually choose a cheese plate, which we enjoyed with a glass of wine and this yummy mineral water, called Sant Aniol.  Super refreshing and with a light carbonation…I don’t usually pay much attention to mineral water but this one had me taking notes…

Sant Aniol

Back outside, the night was still young.  I’m lucky to have such an amazing, supportive man in my life to help keep me up when I’m down and always tell me to keep going and believe in myself.  That we can have fun after nearly 13 years together and 5 kids says a lot.  Thanks for putting up with me, honey.  Love you!

marc and melissa cloudmom

Thanks so much for reading and check back in next week for another date night outfit from Spain.  Oh, and here’s a hint: you’ll be seeing more lace.

Sending love, gratefully,

Melissa xoxo