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Hello everyone.  Back with our Wednesday Mom Fashion post and this week we’re thrilled to announce a very special giveaway with a wonderful sponsor so keep reading and watching!

Breastfeeding Fashion GIVEAWAY! Enter to win a $250 Milk Nursingwear gift card at!

If you are a mom who has been struggling to nurse in fussy button-down shirts or sundresses while out and about, this video is for you! I’m so excited to share with you mamas some amazing pieces by Milk Nursingwear today. They are super comfortable, stylish, and make breastfeeding in public an absolute breeze.

Enter our giveaway below to win a $250 gift certificate from Milk Nursingwear!

Breastfeeding in public posed serious fashion challenges for me.  I relied on button town tops and camisoles, but these often left me feeling hot because of the two layers.  When out at a restaurant, I would either button down my shirt with the camisole underneath — while sweating — ha ha — or hoist up my top, trying to cover my entire torso with a burp cloth.  When I needed to see my baby’s mouth to make sure he was latching on correctly, I had to peep under the burp cloth, trying not to upset the fragile tent I was operating under.  Not easy.

Personally, I felt strongly about breastfeeding in public since this allowed me to get my baby outdoors, see other people, and enjoy the world with my newborn.  I was not comfortable showing too much, although I know other moms feel differently — and that’s fine too.

You know you're a breastfeeding mom when you decide what to wear based on how easily accessible you breasts will be.Pin to share with friends!

Milk Nursingwear’s designs solve a lot of the issues I faced.  What makes these nursing clothes so unique? Rather than having to lift your shirt to uncover your breasts, inevitably exposing your post-pregnancy belly, these tops and dresses allow you to nurse discreetly with well-placed openings. Not only are they well-placed, they are also well-sized. You’ll still be so covered up, it will look like your child is just sleeping in your arms. Also ideal for moms traveling with baby in carriers and slings as there is minimal re-positioning necessary.

Milk Nursingwear

Milk Nursingwear tops and dresses come in many vibrant colors and varying styles. The tops I’m modeling today have lift up nursing access, pull down nursing access, or move aside nursing access. Again, all of these styles are easy to breastfeed in, allowing you access to your baby while leaving minimal skin exposed. No need to fuss with a cover-up or burp cloth anymore when breastfeeding! Moreover, I love how light and comfortable the fabric is. These tops are not too tight and are perfect for wearing with jeans, leggings, or a skirt.

And lastly, the elegant little black dress! Who thought it was possible to achieve hassle-free nursing when out dining with your hubby or girlfriends? Perfect for every special occasion – from parties to weddings!

Milk Nursingwear

Thank you again to Milk Nursingwear for letting me share these beautiful nursing outfits with you today. Click here to visit their site for more amazing nursing tops and dresses! And did someone say giveaway?? See below for more details!

Expecting and breastfeeding moms, enter our giveaway to win $250 gift certificate from Milk Nursingwear! Enter below!

Milk Nursingwear Giveaway

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This is a sponsored post.  CloudMom did receive financial compensation for this post.  The opinions reflected in this post are my own.

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  • Kay Saunders

    I cannot believe how cute these top are! And that dress?! Amazing. Win or not, I will be checking this company out 🙂

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    I need some decent clothes that doesn’t include a tank top and shawl! haha

  • Erin B.

    I could totally use some nice nursing clothes for after baby #2 arrives! All the clothes I currently have are the ones I wore for the 2 1/2 + years that I nursed by daughter. Wardrobe could use some freshening up !

  • latanya t

    They have beautiful clothing

  • Jessica Marie Hendrick

    These look amazing! I have given up trying to nurse my son anywhere public and/or anywhere that people other than my family are because I can’t be modest enough or my son gets understandably upset at so much fabric covering his face. And it can be frustrating to not be able to wear “nice” things because it isn’t nursing-friendly. That being said, this looks like a wonderful alternative to make those things possible!

  • Kaitlin Ryan

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    I love love love that these shirts are modest, yet easy to access. I have the hardest time finding clothes to breastfeed my 3 month old in when we go places that are comfortable and I don’t have to pull up and expose my stomach!

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  • Dawne

    I haven’t tried Milk yet, but I’m pretty discouraged with many of the nursing tops I have purchased. Usually the fabric is too delicate (seatbelt caused massive piling just from driving), or the “discreet” underlayer bunches unattractively, OR, they only look good if you have huge tatas and/or a slim torso (really? I just had a baby, I’m not a 28 waist)

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