Melissa’s Friday Favorites #9

cloudmom Friday Finds

Happy Friday my dearies… well, it’s that time again. The weeks are going by so fast and I can’t believe Thanksgiving is here already.  Here are some special treats I spotted this week — hope that you like them!

1) You can dress popcorn in basically any topping that you could think of, but there’s something about adding a touch of sweetness that creates the perfect balance! This almond bark, sprinkles, and M&Ms combination looks delicious, doesn’t it?! You’re also just sprinkling in the candy so it’s not as decadent as it looks.

sweet popcorn


 2) What would Fall be without apples and all of the games that go along with them? Not only do they smell amazing, but toffee and caramel apples make delicious snacks for the kiddies. You can always turn it into a game by setting up a bucket for bobbing for apples, too!



 3) Just a little bit of garland can add a lot of warmth to your home, and you don’t need to wait until Christmas to put it up! You can make a simple garland of fall-colored leaves with yarn to hang around the fireplace or anywhere else in your home that could use a little spicing up. To make it a more kid-friendly project, try using a hole-punch to make holes in the leaves for the yarn instead of using a needle (ouch!).

christmas mom diy


 4) Who says you can’t wear your old clothes while you’re pregnant? This simple, inexpensive DIY transforms a singlet into a bump-friendly shirt that is still very adorable!

upcycled maternity clothes


 5) Layers on top of layers on top of layers! This outfit is SO cute from the vest down to the boots, and I love the mixture of textures and styles. Who knew that a black and white striped skirt would look this adorable with a brown cardigan vest? This would also look cute with ballet flats or maybe even the right pair of moccasins!

fashion for mom


 6) Today is the perfect day to think outside of the box and to do something you wouldn’t normally find time to do. That might mean a simple walk, a new type of tea, or even calling an old friend who you’ve seen only on Facebook for months. No matter how busy life gets, make sure to find time for a little dose of something different.  That’s what helps keep me cheery and excited.

think outside the box


 Is there anything I missed?  Seen something fabulous or maybe you shared a project on your blog and you want a shout out?  Let me know in the comments or share it with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+