Melissa’s Friday Favorites #7

cloudmom Friday Finds

Hello, dearies! Another Friday Finds coming your way! My favorite things this week included fun Halloween treats, Halloween crafts, and cute maternity Halloween costumes!

1) Boo! Nothing says Halloween quite like a couple of ghost treats, and these are pretty easy to make. The word “fondant” used to scare me, but no more!  Just throw a couple of small black pearls like these (or substitute brown M&Ms) and BAM, instant ghost.

halloween treats


Now here’s a Halloween recipe that I can accomplish, and it’s pretty healthy, too! To make it even healthier, you could substitute almond butter for the peanut butter.

halloween healthy treats


2) One of the best things about being pregnant during Halloween is the unlimited amount of creativity you can put into your costume, just like this adorable Galileo and the universe ensemble!

pregnant halloween costumes


3) Pine cones, acorns, pretty red and orange leaves…There are so many different aspects of fall that appeal to the senses, so why not create a safe little Fall sensory basket for your baby? It provides hours of entertainment, and it allows you to truly appreciate fall!

halloween crafts for kids


4) Next time you’re carving pumpkins, don’t throw those seeds out! Besides being a yummy snack, you can dye them and let your kids use them for arts and crafts. To safely dye them, let the seeds dry out for a week, remove the papery coating from each seed, and dye them in a safe food coloring and vinegar mixture for at least 24 hours. Happy crafting!

crafts for kids during halloween


5) Fall is such a beautiful season because it’s the time when everything starts to change and start over for a new year.  It’s also the perfect time for us to start over, so let’s use this wonderful season to find our own paths for next year! That path is the place where you feel good and right about the choices you make for yourself and your family. Let’s go for it, mamas!

quote for fall


Hope you enjoyed these little ideas and hope to see you next Friday! Have a great weekend and just remember — no one will ever know how much Halloween candy you stole out of the family stash, so no guilt!  xoxo M

Is there anything I missed?  Seen something fabulous or maybe you shared a project on your blog and you want a shout out?  Let me know in the comments or share it with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google+.