Melissa’s Friday Favorites #16


1. Love ove this classic and snazzy New Year’s outfit for a hot mama-to-be. If you’re pregnant and anticipating a New Year’s that will be a little, er, different than in years past,  all the more reason to splurge on a pregnancy outfit with panache. These flat shoes paired with this comfy-yet-delicate sweater say “I’m laying low, but I’m out to have FUN!”

bumb style for the holidays


2.  Certain staples in our toy closet never retire.  Magnatiles have consistently been one of our family’s favorite toys, both for my toddlers and my older kids.  We’ve made countless airports, cities, palaces, and just plain, square-box houses out of these colorful, magnetic shapes.  Even I love playing with them! They’re fun… and addictive.

magna tiles solid color platset for kids


3.  Out of the more complex New Year’s Eve activities for kids that you’ll find on Pinterest this month, there’s one set of activities that’s super simple and fun–and it’s from one of my favorites, Sweet Little Peanut! My boys love anything that rattles and shakes, and the bottle in this craft which contains lots and lots of pennies would give them all the noise they could ask for.  I love that there’s a touch of color and creativity on the outside of the noise-maker, too…

New Year's Activities for Kids


4. Whether you’re doing New Year’s Eve with your children or you’re just giving them a little pre-dinner treat before you hit the town, this snack is sure to impress! Coat those ordinary milk glasses in your cabinet with some sprinkles, add in a yummy chocolate chip cookie and BAM–happy children!

 milk and cookies for kids


5. These delightful, inspiring books for children have been read so many times at the Lawrence-Apfelbaum household that we’re now missing pages!  I love the gritty honesty of Mercer Meyer and the imagination of Crockett Johnson.  If you don’t have them, head to Amazon now!



Click here to get these books on Amazon:

The Going-To-Bed Book 

Harold and Purple Crayon

Just Me and My Little Brother

D.W. And The Picky Eater

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