Melissa’s Friday Favorites #12

cloudmom Friday Finds

I’m always on the lookout for cute holiday treats for the kids, but most often the ones that I find are for those with a big sweet tooth. I love that these delectable turkeys have cheese and almonds, making them a healthier snack option for my kids. How cute is that little red cap, too? I’ll definitely be putting these ingredients on today’s shopping list!

turkey snacks


At my house, we’re trying to emphasize the “giving thanks” part of Thanksgiving and the act of coming together as a family for a nice meal, so to me this garland perfectly embodies that message. I’m excited to make this with Annaliese, who has been learning her letters this year!

 DIY banner


It has been so rainy and dreary here this month, and rain boots have become a staple item in most closets. When you’re expecting, try considering that fun pair of rain boots you’ve never indulged in before to add a splash of color and some fun to your basics. Plus, you can get liners nowadays that will keep your feet dry and cozy throughout the whole winter.

pregnancy clothes


With a L O N G weekend ahead of us, I’m on the lookout for a few special projects.  This “Thanksgiving Tree” strikes me as a simple, creative way to get the kids used to expressing their gratitude.  I hope Mom makes it onto one of the leaves!

thanksgiving activites


How pretty is this simple, individualized wreath resting on the linen napkin?

thanksgiving table set


Whenever I plan a special trip with one of my kids and do something new, I savor that memory.  Yesterday after school, I took Annaliese to our new neighborhood bakery.  Sipping on our mint teas, we chatted with another new mom whom we met there.  Once we were back outside in the cold weather, Annaliese remarked, “now I’m cozy inside everywhere.” How cute!

cloudmom parenting quote


Is there anything I missed?  Seen something fabulous or maybe you shared a project on your blog and you want a shout out?  Let me know in the comments or share it with me on FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterest, or Google+.