Maternity Down Winter Coat: The M Coat

Hello mamas. Once in a while, something catches my eye on the street that I’m utterly enthralled by. Stepping out of the gym the other day, I bumped into a fellow gym buddy Alicia who had been pregnant and absent from our favorite class for a few weeks.  Well, lo and behold, Alicia had given birth to her baby. Alicia’s gorgeous little boy sat safely snuggled into a carrier and then inside Alicia’s coat.  I cooed alongside some other moms.  We then all began to marvel at Alicia’s coat. “What is that?” asked one curious mom. “Is that a maternity down coat?” said another. “How does it work”, I inquired.


Alicia explained that after months of searching for winter maternity outerwear, she had found the ultimate maternity and baby-wearing mama coat: The M Coat. Made of Canadian down, the M Coat converts from a maternity coat, to a coat that can keep warm a mother wearing her baby in a carrier, to a hip and stylish mom coat.  The M Coat’s detachable panel can be zippered in to form an A when you’re in the later pregnancy months, or a V, when you’re carrying your baby, and then taken out entirely, when you’re post baby and ready for a slimmer look. WOWSA, was all I could think…this coat is the ultimate in pregnancy fashion and winter style, whether you’re pregnant or not!




I asked Alicia if we could feature her on CloudMom, and began greedily snapping photos.  Thank you, Alicia, for agreeing to be our model this week. You look amazing and your little boy is beautiful.

Warm, stylish, flexible, and warm, The M Coat strikes me as the perfect coat for a cold weather mama. Most maternity winter clothes don’t transition past your pregnancy, but this winter maternity coat does since you’ll wear it for pregnancy, postpartum and fun mom days once your bigger baby has moved on to a stroller (or walking!). Gotta love something that’s made to last.

Thanks so much for reading and check back in next week for another Mom fashion post.

xo Melissa