Managing Holiday Stress

Hi there, my dears. The holidays can bring us so much joy and a sense of togetherness but for many of us moms, they’re also loaded with stress. You’re already hanging on for dear life with your daily chores, family admin, work and all the rest, and oh yes, don’t forget to bake those cookies, buy the teachers’ gifts, order your kids presents that arrive in time (and which they like) and plan big meals for your extended family members. I’m getting stressed just writing this.

Managing Holiday Stress

At CloudMom from the get-go, I’ve tried to share with you guys ideas for making life easier when it comes to pregnancy, caring for newborns, sleep training babies, disciplining kids, and more. So today I’ve decided to focus on the holiday season. Here’s some help for the holidays for those moms and pops who, like me, tend to get overwhelmed.

My number one piece of advice is to create a “holiday calendar” or, in my case, Christmas countdown, and plan out what you are going to do when. Sticking to this won’t always be possible, but with a plan in place, you’ll feel more relaxed. Don’t leave things like gift-shopping and card-sending to the last minute. You’ll end up bleary-eyed staring at your tree at 1 a.m. with too much egg nog in your tummy. Yuck!

Here’s what my Christmas countdown looks like. I start as early as the summer, picking our stocking stuffers or books I think the kids might  like. As soon as we’ve said good-bye to our Thanksgiving turkey leftovers, I’m shopping for our tree. With that down, I turn to decorating the house in small increments of half an hour, whenever I can squeeze in the time. And then there’s my baking schedule. For more on stress management during the holidays, watch today’s video.

Managing Holiday Stress

Ho ho ho! And remember, stay calm. You’ll get there.

Love, Melissa

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