Making Science Fun At Cosmo Caixa

Being a New York City Mom, I’m often plagued with guilt that I don’t do more cultural and educational activities with my own kids on the weekends. There’s always something getting in the way: sports practices, ballet, or just time to catch up. It takes family and friends visiting to get us out of the house bound for NYC’s cultural attractions.

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Well, this month offered no excuses and no distractions in this regard and became a great opportunity for me to get out with my kids as a family and explore Barcelona’s attractions, streets, neighborhoods, even bars. What a sight to see my boys screaming in a bar (their hands bracing cups of orange juice, while the locals downed beers) as Spain played in the World Cup!

Perhaps our favorite of favorites this month, though, has been Cosmo Caixa – Barcelona’s Science Museum. The building itself is spectacular and modern, with a huge interior space and an exterior space as well, each filled with opportunities for kids to interact with science.

I’ve never been much of a “science person” whatever that means. First off, I was miserable in science in school. Whereas my three siblings all are doctors, I could barely make it though basic biology class. It didn’t speak to me, and back in my day, science was inaccessible — lots of memorization, charts and tests! Nowadays, schools seem to be more attuned to making science appealing to kids.

At Cosmo Caixa, science is passionate and fun. We tasted the waters of all the world’s seas to see which are more salty. We sampled different olive oils. We ran from two opposing disks outside to see if our words would echo across a great distance. The four hours we were there that passed so quickly and we left saying that we hadn’t barely scratched the surface and want to return.

For a dose of our adventures and an example of a museum making science fun, watch my video. And please comment telling us how much your family gets into science and how.

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Wishing you a day filled with adventures and discovery!

xo Melissa