Swedish Pancakes Recipe

Hello, hello!

Who’s hungry for one of my favorite family recipes, Swedish pancakes! If you’re in need for some brunch recipe ideas, you’re in luck!

Swedish Pancakes Recipe

Growing up with a Swedish mother, Swedish pancakes were a staple in our house.  We had them nearly every weekend to everyone’s great satisfaction.  My poor mother stood at the skillet for nearly an hour as we kept coming back from more.  Recently, she estimated that in her lifetime she has made nearly 60,000 pancakes!

I am not an expert like my Mom whose pancakes melt in your mouth, but I am adequate and I’ve gotten better with each additional pancake I’ve prepared.  These pancakes require only a few very simple and basic ingredients.  However, you have to be familiar with how the batter looks and learn how to cook them in the pan.

So here goes.  As I like to do with recipes, I am giving you guys a step by step here because that is how you will master the art of Swedish pancakes!

My mother Fleur’s Swedish pancakes.  Another family heirloom that I am so happy to be sharing with all of you.


  • 10 jumbo eggs
  • 2 cups whole milk
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt — don’t forget this, it’s essential!
  • 1 cup plus 1/8-1/4 cup flour  **If pancake isn’t sticking together/flipping well, add more flour one tablespoonful at a time**
  • stick of butter close by skillet!


  • Combine eggs, milk and flour and whisk together well.

Swedish pancakes

  • Gradually add flour.
Swedish pancakes -- flour being added
  • You want a nice batter that has some thickness to it but it should not be too thick.   (You can see Marielle’s pink foot in this photo, she was helping me out too!)
Swedish pancakes
  •  Heat skillet to high heat and melt a generous pat of butter in pan.
  • Take 1/3 cup batter and verse into pan.  Immediately pick up skillet and spread batter around pan until even on high heat.
  • Go around edges with your skillet and once one side is brown, flip.  Pancake should be on first side no longer than one minute.  If the batter is too thin and not flipping well, try adding a tablespoonful more flour.  Try again (you can add more flour again too).
Browned Swedish pancakes
  • Let cook just for around 15-20 seconds on second side (until lightly browned) and then begin rolling pancake with your spatula, like this.
Swedish pancakes rolling in pan
  • Serve directly onto plate.  (I’ve added chicken sausages and cantaloupe here).
Swedish pancakes on finished plate
  • Serve sprinkled with sugar and Swedish lingonberries or with maple syrup. Yum!
This amount will make about 15 pancakes.  If that seems like a lot, you can cut the recipe by half.
So that was our family brunch two times this week.  Everyone went off with their belly full. And Mommy was happy to put her feet up with her coffee and get ready for another afternoon at home with the tribes.