Learning Not To Overcommit!

Happy Saturday my friends… Hope you are enjoying the long weekend. So here’s another blog I filmed in the new “Melissa-on-the-go” series this past week — actually during the same cab ride I took to get me home in a jiffy from my doctor’s appointment…the cab ride in which I filmed my first ever iPhone video, which you may or may not have watched (please do watch it!).

Learning Not To Overcommit!Pin for later!

I’ve been having trouble with my camera’s sound, so the iPhone has been handy this week. Things have just been so busy with the end of the school year. Next week, we have the kids piano recital, the following week their last day of school. At the girls pre-school, I have two end of the year parties, plus a farewell party I’m helping organize for a beloved teacher who is retiring after 30 years. It’s all so wonderful, but a lot at once. In today’s video, I’m talking about strategies for getting through the end-of-the-school year including learning to say no to people who might want to get together when you’re just TOO busy to do so. Even though you love them, you have to say no to preserve your sanity.

Learning to Say No

I’m not good at NO. I’m more the person says yes and then turns around and asks myself, “how on earth am I going to manage that?” I think my MO is taking on too much versus recognizing my limits. Maybe this is sort of obvious to those who’ve watched some of my videos. At the same time, I love being organized and so I need that time to sort through everything… when I don’t have that time, I get stressed!

What about you guys? Let me know if you are struggling with this too and weigh in if you have any advice!

Anyway, so that’s what I’m dealing with right now as we enter the last two weeks of school and get ready for our big summer adventure trip. I’ll be sharing more of our trip preparations in the weeks to come, and we have some fun vlogs coming up next week too, so stay tuned!

Enjoy your Saturday!

xo Melissa