Laundry Pods Poisoning Children

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Well, if there’s one chore I absolutely hate, it’s laundry, especially because it’s a never-ending process in my house. With that being said, I’m always looking for ways to make it easier, and what better way to do that than with single-dose laundry detergent pods? They eliminate heavy jug-lifting and result in fewer sticky messes, but based off of the newest incidences reported to the Poison Control Center, they may also be a threat to your baby because of their appeal. Where we see convenience, our babies may see a yummy treat. And who can blame them? They certainly look like creamy bite-size candies, and the Tide Pods are even sold in a container that resembles a candy jar!

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Do you use pods, and if so, what kind of safety precautions do you take so that this doesn’t happen to your child? I’m always on the lookout for safety, so let me know!

How badly are laundry pods poisoning children

In the past 20 days, the poison control center has received close to 180 calls from parents of toddlers who swallowed the pods and had bad reactions. According to the Poison Control Center, there are multiple reports of toddlers who, within minutes of swallowing or biting into one of the packets, developed vomiting, wheezing, and gasping. Some of them became non-responsive or had to be put on ventilators or incubated. And to make it worse, toxicologists aren’t sure what in the product is making the kids sick or why the pods cause severe symptoms so rapidly. To be fair, I can understand the convenience aspect of wanting to use laundry pods, but I found that keeping kids safe was much more important to me than saving a few minutes doing–ugh–laundry.

In the event that something does happen, God forbid, keep the Poison Control Center phone number (1-800-222-1222) on the fridge and in your cellphone.  Dr. Richard Besser of ABC News offered three great tips on poison prevention that I found to be easy to remember, and I think you mommies will appreciate them, too.

How to you keep your kids safe in the home?  Share below!