Kids’ Holiday Gifts: Dealing With Disappointment

I know as parents we all look forward to those looks of delight on our kids’ faces when they open their holiday gifts…it makes all that shopping and searching for deals worthwhile!

Kids' Holiday Gifts: Dealing With Disappointment

In my house, with five kids, gift giving with kids on Christmas morning is always a crazy blur of wrapping paper and stocking stuffers and the like.  I have found miraculously thus far that I haven’t had to brave the kind of complaints I get during the year about not having the latest and greatest techno-gadget because my kids seem distracted by what is there, thankfully…

Not so sure this will happen this year because Santa’s lists are getting longer and more elaborate (more on that later in the week) and my kids are more aware of what their friends and classmates have and of what they really want!

So, in the spirit of getting us practical moms prepared, how are you helping your kids handle disappointment if they don’t get everything they wanted from Santa? Maybe he didn’t get that X-Box, or video game, or Lego set, or maybe one of his siblings got a bigger gift. Such a hard issue: on the one hand I’m sympathetic because I remember being SO disappointed as a kid when I didn’t get those roller skates, on the other I want my kids to know how lucky they are and feel gratitude for what they have (and to not be spoiled, ha!).

Have you been dealing with disappointment in your house, and what have you done??  Tell me below so I have a plan for Christmas morning!

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