Kids Ear Piercing Tips

Ear piercing has been a hot topic among my kids for the past few years. My girls have been begging me to get their ears pierced for ages. This summer, I finally caved under pressure and promised them that if they endured sleepaway camp, they could get their ears pierced at the end of the summer. Lo and behold, my bribery worked.

My sister-in-law Eileen, a pediatrician in Connecticut, kindly met us at her office on a Sunday in August to perform the ritual. Among her many other attributes, Eileen is a very precise person. I admired how carefully she positioned the girls’ earring holes. She marked the spot numerous times and looked at each girl from multiple angles before selecting the perfect location.

In your view, what is the appropriate age for ear piercing? Weigh in with your thoughts and tips below.

Ear Piercing for Kids

Kids Ear Piercing Tips

If you have decided to have your children’s ears pierced, go to someone like Eileen who will take them time to do it right. My own ear holes are too low on my ear lobes; many of my girlfriends complain of the same. Once the holes are in, they are pretty much in for go, so make sure to do it right from the get-go. Before selecting the person who will pierce your children’s ears, ask questions until you feel comfortable. That way, you know you will be happy with the result.

Kids Ear Piercing

In my day, everyone had gold studs but my girls had a choice of different colored stones. Choice creates anxiety and it was hard to choose. When one sister chose the others color, the second sister had to find an alternative.

Ear Piercing for Kids

Patient #1 all set to go with never a tear shed.

Kids getting ears pierced

Patient #2 found the process to be more painful, but only for a few minutes.

Kids getting their ears pierced

You’re pretty fortunate when, in addition to having a 1-800 pediatrician hotline, you have an expert in-house family ear piercer!

Since that day, we are cleaning our ears twice a day and getting excited about our first pair of real earrings. It’s the small stuff in life that keeps us excited and happy. After sleep away camp and traveling in Europe, if you asked my girls what was the single most special thing about their summer they will reply without pause: getting our ears pierced!

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