Keeping the Santa Myth Alive for My Little Kids

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So Christmas is just around the corner, and as you know Santa is a big deal in my house. But the age difference in my five kiddies is making the whole “Believe in Santa” thing tricky. I’m tackling the issue in my video, so if your little ones are in earshot, you might want to wait to watch this one!Keeping the Santa Myth Alive for My Little Kids

When your older kids realize what’s up, how do you prevent the disclosure from moving down the chain to the younger kiddos during the holiday season?!  Do you just accept this as inevitable or do you try to stage a cover-to preserve the magic of your kids’ Christmas? My oldest son Hedley is 8 years old and is mostly still a Santa believer, but some of the older cousins in our family aren’t.

In this video I talk about a special Swedish Christmas tradition in our family and how we try to preserve the magic of Santa. What happens in your family?  How do you handle Santa when you have kids of different ages?

What are your favorite Christmas family traditions? Comment below, and lots of love to all of you this holiday season!

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  • DES

    Our family has always done the same thing with older kids, that my parents did to us, and their parents did to them. We smile at them, and say, “Really? You think there is no Santa Claus? You know he only brings presents to people who believe? You want to rethink that one???” We say that to 10 year olds, 15 year olds, 21 year olds, and even 40-60 year olds. Works every time. Anyone want to risk not believing? I thought not… 😀 Of course there is a Santa Claus! He lives in the heart of all of us who believe.

  • What works for my family is telling them the truth about him. He was very much alive and he was a Bishop around 300AD. We call him Saint Nicholas (and Santa means saint). We tell them what he did, how he loved children (all true) and we celebrated his feast day on December 6th. So when they see him in the street, they always get a kick out of it. 🙂