Just Like Home Toaster Recalled by Toys R Us

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Kids love playing pretend, whether it’s dressing up as doctors and princesses, or playing “house”, complete with their own toy appliances and kitchen accessories. It’s so cute watching them “bake” with their toy ovens or “wash” the plastic dishes. I just wish they were as willing to help me out around the real house as they are with their siblings and friends!

Toy Toaster Recall

But today’s latest recall may be putting your child’s play on hold. Toys R Us has just released a recall on approximately 30,000 affected Just Like Home brand toy toaster sets. The teal blue and orange plastic toaster comes with an adjustable knob and orange slider. Just Like Home is written in bold white letters along the side. Along with the toaster, the set comes with two plastic toast slices and two plastic half bagel slice accessories.  For the CSPC’s full description of the recall, go here.

Choking Hazards

So why is Toys R Us so concerned with these toy toasters? The toasters themselves are safe, but the plastic slice of toasts the set comes with can crack and break into small pieces under pressure. This poses a sharp edge or small part hazard to young children. And that is definitely something I would never let any of my children near, especially if they were playing on the other side of the room and not under my direct supervision!

Thankfully no serious injuries have been reported, even though there has been one case of the plastic bread shattering in Canada.  Oh no! However, it is strongly advised that if you do own this toaster set, you should immediately take it away from your children and return it to any Toys R Us for a full refund!

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Stay safe everyone!