January Sales: How to Save Money, Score Deals

The holiday shopping season may have just ended, but January is actually a great time of year to get shopping deals and to find sales if you’re on a budget. Whether you plan to shop online or hit the stores, there are products that are best to buy in January to save money, including furniture and clothing. This is when I buy my kids’ back to school clothes and winter clothes for the following year. And if you can stand it, you can save big on holiday gear and decorations!

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Watch the video for money saving tips and a complete guide on what to buy during the January sales, and tell me in the comments your favorite ways to save!

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  • Tracy p.

    I try to save money by staying out if the stores unless I need something. And when I do go in I only take enough cash to get what I needed. That way there isn’t any impulse buying.

    • Tracy, this is a trusted and very good technique! Impulse buying is the worst!

  • Lori C

    This is the year I finally decided to buy a pre-lit tree, so I waited till after the holidays to buy one online for half off, plus I signed up for the store’s rewards program to get free shipping (which would have cost me over $30 to ship the tree). As long as I can get free shipping, it beats searching the local stores after the holidays to try to find the tree I want and then haul the heavy thing home myself. I was tempted to wait a bit longer to see if they marked them down further, but I was afraid the one I wanted would be sold out, so I settled for half off.

  • kathy dickens

    I love shopping online and right now so many stores are having huge seasonal sales. My favorite place to shop is amazon and kohls.I get coupons in the mail but I don’t shop till I get a 30% off coupon and then I go to get my cash back.
    I also do not impulse buy. It may be a great deal but if I am not going to use it , it will just waste money

  • Janice H.

    Never buy on impulse. As for kids clothes shop consignment sales. I love to go to yard sales and look for gently used toys. I will shop EBAy and compare prices with the store. If I can get it for the same price with Amazon I will usually buy on Amazon rather than Ebay because of the security of returns and Amazon usually has free shipping. We have a couple of thrift stores in our area too, while I have never been so lucky, I do hav friends that have really found some great bargains (on name brand purses, belts and boots)

  • Thanks you all for your great tips! The winner of this giveaway is Tracy — we will be in touch about your prize. Happy shopping everyone! XO, Melissa