IVY KIDS Educational Kids Activities GIVEAWAY

Hi everybody.  Melissa here.  Thrilled to be talking today about an inspiring collection of educational kids activities that really works, and to announce our October giveaway with Ivy Kids.

IVY KIDS Educational Kids Activities GIVEAWAY

A long time ago, I became a deep believer in the power of play: as I observed each of my five kids play, I noticed how much they learned.  I realized, though, that getting my children the right tools was key because whereas good-quality, fun materials stimulated them to learn through play, more run-of-the-mill blocks and purely educational toys just sat in our toy closet.

At this point, our household toys have grown stale.  Many of the games and toys with which Marielle plays are over 10 years old and were favorites of Hedley, my oldest, now 11.  Marielle picks up these older activities from time to time, but most often she resorts to drawing or prancing around the house with her dolls.

When the educational toy company Ivy Kids approached me about doing a CloudMom giveaway, my interest was peaked since I need new toys and activities to keep Marielle busy while her siblings are off at school.  At the back of my mind is also the fact that I could start getting her ready for Kindergarten, just a year away.

Opening the first of my monthly subscription packages — and the beauty of Ivy Kits is that each month, you are the lucky recipient of a whole thematic package of alluring activities plus a book! — I fell in love.  Each box contains various packets, filled with colorful education toys.  The packets are carefully organized with all the materials you need plus instructions to guide you.  The instructions helped me to ask the right questions so that Marielle got as much out of her play time as possible.  What a perfect solution for a worn out mama on a busy day!

Here’s Marielle in action …we started off with this colorful placemat which taught us our shapes.

ivy kids

Next up, colorful pattern blocks which challenged Marielle to collect them into one figure.

educational kids toys

Marielle’s pride and joy at having completed this little dog — by herself — meant we were off to a good start.  She thought she was building a dog, but actually this game was teaching her early math skills.  Gotcha!

ivy kids

This elegant flower became Marielle’s next pick.  Again, the Ivy Kit made the activity a breeze by giving us all the materials plus instructions and making the activity fun.  Meanwhile, it was educational for Marielle since she essentially was fitting the pieces of a puzzle together and learning how to manipulate forms, shapes and colors.

learning through play

Spotting the fun, Beckett, my always-eager eight year old, got in on the action, and took up a sequencing game.

ivy kids

Beckett continued his pattern off of the card itself, which required him to place two smaller red blocks together to match a larger hexagon. He was psyched, and asked for another one.learning through play

Challenged by her brother, Marielle began her own sequencing pattern.  Having two children at the table engaged with our Ivy Kit worked great, since each gleaned ideas from the other.  “My pattern is longer than yours,” Marielle exclaimed to Beckett.

ivy kids

One thing I love about these Ivy Kits is the delicate combination of structured and creative play included in each.  With our patterns and sequences behind us for the day, Marielle cut and pasted her own shapes into a creative design.  Her eagerness to figure out solutions — like how to make a lion’s mane, and how to cut his hoofs — amazed me.  Little did she realize that while she was having fun, she was learning a lot!

educational activities for kids

ivy kids kits

The shapes Marielle had come to know on her placemat, and through her puzzles, soon became fodder for her cut-outs and original kids art.  Circles cut in half became the lion’s feet.  Rectangles split in two, his legs.  Triangles, his mane.  A square, his head.  Math, creativity, and imagination were all at work in our hour of fun!

And for the first time in a long time, I didn’t feel guilty that I wasn’t doing enough for my child.  Rather, I felt like I was giving her an amazing, educational and fun experience right in my own kitchen.  Amen.


This wonderful resource for parents was developed by a passionate teacher who understands the importance of keeping children actively engaged at home with toys that stimulate their brains and their imaginations.  If I could go back in time, I would be signing up our family for a permanent membership.  At Marielle and Beckett’s request, I’m doing so now for Marielle and Beckett.  Follow me!  You won’t regret it.

I’m so thrilled to be doing a giveaway this month on CloudMom with Ivy Kids offering THREE Ivy Kits to THREE lucky winners.  Enter now — you’ll be glad you did!

Remember moms, keep it interesting and keep it fun.  Your kids will remember those moment when you did, and you will too.


Melissa xx

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