iPhone Obsession: Addicted to Social Media

The new iPhone 5 is set to be announced today, so it seems a good a time as any to admit that I’ve become a social media addict! It feels like I’m always connected! During my end-of-summer vacation, I looked over and saw that both my husband and I were absorbed in our phones while our kids were playing.

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I’m basically too tempted to check in all the time and other good things in my life have fallen by the wayside.  It’s a good a time as any to learn how to put down your phone. I’m slowly learning to relax, but I need some more help for sure! Watch to see how and why, and please give me your advice on dealing with a social media addiction!

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  • contactdesign

    Smart phones can be addicting, no doubt about it. Just like anything else, moderation is the key. Easier said than done though. Just need to set limits and keep to them.