Indoors & Outdoors in Spain: My Kids Bedrooms & Parc Güell

Holà! Hope my Spanish accent is going in the right direction — ha ha. So here’s my second video this week on our family summer adventure, chronicling our family’s visit to Gaudi’s Parc Güell, a gorgeous Art Nouveau park where there is tons of room for kids to play with Gaudi’s architecture on full display.

Indoors & Outdoors in Spain: My Kids Bedrooms & Parc Güell

But first we start with a display of what I’ve found to be the best kids raincoats for travel (because they were predicting rain) and a tour of my children’s bedrooms here in Spain, this in response to one of my favorite viewers who asked how I had set things up for my kids to sleep while we were away from home. I’ve blogged before about how to put multiple kids in one bedroom using a staggering system, basically treating the kids like dominoes. With one down (or asleep) follows the next. This way, hopefully the kiddos don’t stay awake chatting for hours. For years when we went down to Florida in June, I had 5 children in 1 bedroom (in New York, the three boys share and now the two girls are going to share). This year is a major upgrade for us. The girls are sharing a double bed and the boys are in a bedroom next door with two connected beds, and one of the floor, happily comfy on two sofa cushions pulled tighter by a twin fitted matters sheet. We had bought an inflatable mattress on Amazon and lugged that baby with us, but Hedley did not make it through the first night on that thing. I laid on it myself and felt like I was on a float in a pool, so we resorted to the sofa cushions and that’s been working great. At the end of our tour — ha ha — I display the most amazing blackout shades I’ve even witnessed. Watch my video to see how they work!

Parc Güell With Kids

Then, we set off to the gorgeous Park Güell in our comfy sneakers (my feet were killing me!). We had purchased tickets to enter in advance, so we killed some time playing soccer and experiencing the conveniently located children’s playground there. Once admitted, we marveled at the beautiful ceramic designs and wonders of this renowned park.

Hope you guys like the video and thanks so much sharing in our family’s adventure and of course, for watching CloudMom! See ‘ya soon!

xo Melissa