How to Style an all Black Outfit

I’ve often asked myself how to wear all black without looking boring. Black is classic, simple and secure. When you don’t know what to wear, a black dress usually becomes the safe bet. Yet black upon black can lack pizzazz. So how do you wear all black fashionably, that is, with a personal twist?

All Black Outfit for Ladies

Last week I attended a cocktail party hosted by my friend Mila. Mila has recently launched a podcast called Future Hindsight, in which she discusses how each of us can get involved civically to make our society a better place. Mila and her guests have a lot of good things to say about how we can participate more actively in our society. Check it out!

Mila’s was a serious event that called for a serious outfit. I matched a black sleeveless Zara dress, with opaque black tights and studded mules from my home away from home, Designer Shoe Warehouse. Forgive the poor lighting my dears! As it was raining out, our lobby’s stone floor housed dark green rugs to prevent residents from slipping. Alas, black does not show up too well against dark green. Sigh!

The studded mules provided a bit of sparkle and I put up a strand of my hair up with a rhinestone barrette.

I believe in putting passion into everything you do. If you’re talking to someone, make the minutes you spent on that conversation count. Learn something about that person, impart some positive energy. If you’re preparing a meal, make it yummy. If you are getting dressed, delve into the process and have fun with it. You’ll feel better when you walk out the door and you’ll have a better day.

Care about everything you do. As my yoga teacher, Jackie advises, “the way you do anything is the way you do everything.” Care for yourself. Care for your kids, teaching them to care for others.

And remember to have some fun while you’re at it!

Love, Melissa

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