How to Smell Good with Degree

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One of the most frustrating and annoying things about being a mom is that you sweat a lot more than before. Why? Well, whereas before you might have been squarely parked on a straw chair in a sidewalk cafe sipping iced tea, now you’re sitting sideways straddling a cranky newborn, offering up either a bottle or your breast. You’re literally exercising as you sit. And that tranquil walk home? That’s not so easy anymore. Now you’re pushing a heavy stroller, laden down with baby, a diaper bag, toys, books and all other sorts of contraptions.

Sweating a lot more than most people do is part of being a mom, and we get used to it. But it’s embarrassing. And it adds another layer of complexity to an already confusing existence.
How to Smell Good with Degree

One product that’s brought me comfort in this regard is Degree Women MotionSense™. This anti-perspirant & deodorant goes on smoothly and stays on steadily for up to 48 hours. That’s a heck of a long time! I feel more confident heading into my day knowing that my blouses, dresses and shirts won’t be patched with sweat circles.

Degree MotionSense™

How to Keep Smelling Fresh All Day

There’s only one way to keep smelling good all day: find a deodorant that works. This is no easy feat. I often find my mom friends chatting this over, since everyone battles the same sweat demons. Degree Advanced Protection with MotionSense™ Technology keeps you dry and fresh for longer, adapting to your lifestyle and your movements, so you can live at the speed of your life — on your terms.

With multiple forms of deodorant in clinical, dry spray, and antiperspirant varieties, Degree offers the latest in deodorizing technology. Trade up from your old deodorant, and keep yourself feeling dry, fresh, and confident all-day with Degree. MotionSense™ technology keeps you fresher the more you move with long lasting 48 hour odor and wetness protection. That’s good news for us moms.Degree MotionSense™ deodorant

Rite Aid is now offering several super weekly offers that I don’t want you dearies to miss:

  • Offers valid from 12/31/17 to 1/6/18: all Degree products 50% off when you buy 2 Degree products; buy 2 Degree products, get 300 Plenti points.
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Being prepared helps me feel confident as a mom. When I’m looking and feeling good, I’m more patient, kind and understanding as a mom. The right deodorant forms part of this picture. Try Degree, my mama friends. You’ll be relieved to have finally found a deodorant that survives your marathon days.

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