How To Save on Kids’ Clothes

Happy fall everyone.  Or is it summer?

Yesterday, it was 80 degrees here in NYC and moms were sporting spring dresses.  One nice thing about this from a practical standpoint is that my kids are still wearing their summer gear, and I haven’t had to stress over what they need for the school year.

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Normally, when I think fall, I think fall clothes, and then I get stressed thinking about what I need to buy to keep up with all these little bean spouts shooting up around me.  I used to be scouting sales in August wanting to be all ready for the school year.  That was then, this is now.

In this vlog, I  walk through how I save money on clothing for my five kids.  I rely heavily on secondhand clothes from my good pals, and I WAIT to buy until I really know what I need.  This means waiting until after school has started, for that time when the weather has turned and fall clothes are really needed.  For more tips, watch my Vlog!