How To Save on After School Kids’ Activities

Hi everyone!  Well by now most of us are (hopefully!) fully into our fall routines. Nowadays that means not just school and homework but also activities our kids participate in outside of school.  Big change from when I was growing up when a weekly ballet class was ALL I had going on!

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Children’s after school activities can be a real stresser for moms and dads, right?  The  logistics of getting everyone where they need to be can require spread-sheets and a small army (ha ha), and then add to that how expensive all of these extracurricular activities for kids have become.  Ooph!

In this Vlog, I share some tips for saving money on after school sports and other types of children’s activities.  If you’ve got things that have worked for your family, please share below.  This is something I struggle with on a weekly basis, and I’d love to hear what works for you mamas!

Xo Melissa