How to Save Big on Halloween Candy

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So Halloween is just around the corner! Trick or treat! Halloween candy can add to your waistline, but it shouldn’t be putting a dent in your wallet! Want to save some money on your candy this year?

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If you’re penny-pinching this season, watch to see how I’m trying to avoid breaking the bank for all those trick-or-treaters, including buying early, buying in bulk and monitoring just how much candy the kids are taking from that bowl! Get those Halloween deals when you can!

Two places I’ve found great deals are at Walmart and Candy Warehouse! Buying your Halloween candy in bulk from one of these great stores will let you avoid the hassle of making multiple trips to the grocery store to stock up on popular types of candy during the last few weeks in October. I would suggest picking up a few mixed bag varieties to give your trick-or-treaters and kiddies plenty of options! Also, if you’re feeling generous and it’s still within your budget, go with regular-size candy bars that are also priced at a discount at these stores.

What do you do when it comes to saving on candy for Halloween? Have any suggestions for Halloween for kids? What are the best Halloween deals you’ve found this holiday season? Let me know by writing to me in the comments below!