How To Pretend You Don’t Drink

Ever go out for the night planning not to drink anything and ending up back home saying to yourself, how much did I actually drink?  Then realizing you drank more than you intended to, even though you never let on to anyone else that you had more than one glass of wine.  In fact, you spent some time and energy pretending not to drink!  This ever happen to you?  Yes?  Watch my vlog!

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Women and Alcohol

In this vlog, I tease how we women sometimes go about drinking alcohol.  We all worry about too much alcohol consumption, especially when kids are in the picture and you need to wake up on your toes.  Maybe it’s because of this very legitimate concern that there is a lot of self-denial involved when women drink.  Some of us are not always honest about how much we’ve actually had to drink.

Do you see any funny ploys when it comes to women and alcohol?  Do you drink, and if so, how much and how often?  After a night out, are you happy about the alcohol you consumed, or do you feel you went too far?  Please share you experience below!  Thanks for watching!

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