How to Prepare For Having Twins

Hello everyone.  On CloudMom, I love to opine on all things baby, toddler, kid and mom but there surely is one issue I cannot be helpful with: twins!  So I was so thrilled when Jaimi Erikson of The Stay-at-Home Mom Survival Guide offered to write this helpful guest post for us on how to take care of twins and also of yourself as a tired and overtaxed mom of baby twins.  Read on for her helpful tips …

How to Prepare For Having Twins

When I told my husband the ultrasound showed two babies, he said, “How did that happen?” Perfect dad response isn’t it? He is a silly one, but expecting twins is serious business. If you are having twins, prepare now. These are the tips that helped me prepare for having twins. I hope it will be encouragement that YOU CAN DO IT!

What you need to know as you prepare to have twins:

Let Your Body Lead

When I was pregnant with the twins, I was tired all the time. I needed a lot of rest during the day. At about 32 weeks, my body started taking it hard. I developed cholestasis. This can cause still birth, so the twins were born via C-section at 36 weeks.

Take care of yourself. If you think something is wrong with you or the babies tell your doctor or midwife. The benefit of a twin pregnancy is that you will be monitored more, which allows you more connection to your doctor so you can catch any issues early.

Do Your Research

Read blogs about moms who had twins. Keep track of your twins’ growth in the womb. (That is always fun!) Prepare for what twin gear you will need to buy. Read about how to breastfeed twins.

Ask for Help BEFORE the Babies are Born

My mom stayed with us starting at 32 weeks. I had someone to help pick up my oldest from school when I needed to take a nap. I had someone to play with my older two children when I had to sit and put my feet up. You will be doing a ton of tough super-mommy things after those babies are born so accept available help while you are pregnant…and REST!

Stock the Freezer

Stockpiling meals in the freezer was essential for getting dinner on the table after the twins were born. When someone asks you how they can help, tell them to please consider making you a meal. You will be preparing dinner while also feeding two babies at once, so keep it simple.

Accept Help after the Babies are Born

My mom stayed with us until the twins were one month old. Her help was necessary. She held babies, cared for the older two, got meals on the table and cleaned. Right away it can be tough to juggle two on your own-especially if you have older children too. I am grateful that my mom was there to help with my older two so they did not feel cast aside with the two newborns in the house.


Ask for the Gift of Housecleaning

My sister-in-law and brother had the brilliant idea to gift me housecleaning for 6 months. I did feel a bit uncomfortable with someone else cleaning my house, but the house was getting cleaned! When family asks what they can do for you, ask them to chip in on a housecleaning service for a few months. It was such a unique and helpful gift.

Get Free Stuff for Twins

There are companies that offer discounts for parents of multiples. Take advantage of the free stuff for twins like diaper discounts and coupons among other great deals for parents of twins.

Connect with Twin Moms

It is a unique experience to have two babies at once. Check your local Mothers of Multiples for a group in your area. You will need someone who can relate to the juggling act you will be performing!

You will carry two babies in your arms, feed two babies at once, and hear two babies scream for you when you have to put them down to get dinner on the table. There will be two awake at night, and two to potty train. I feel like supermom just surviving every day. It is hard work, but incredibly rewarding to be the mom of twins.

Jaimi EJaimi Erickson is mom to four (2+twins), a military wife and former teacher. She shares encouragement for moms, homemaking tips, and simple activities for kids on her blog The Stay-at-Home Mom Survival Guide. Her floors are often messy, her sink is often full of dirty dishes, but she aims to find joy in this busy season of motherhood. You can connect with her on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.