How to Organize Kids’ School Papers and Projects

Hello, hello!

My kiddies are heading back to school next week (well, four of the five are!) which means an onslaught of certificates, mosaics, and macaroni necklaces is heading my way!  These projects and papers are quite touching to see and can be great keepsakes to look back on years later. However, it sometimes feels like I’m drowning in the stuff!

Anyone else out there with the same problem?

How to Organize Kids' School Papers and Projects

School Paper Organization

After countless evenings fretting over what to do with all of this stuff, I’ve developed my own little system that helps me keep up with it all and not lose my marbles. Over the years, I’ve found that having a bureau dedicated to all school work can help keep you organized! Keeping a large plastic bin for each child might also help you as well! It’s a wonderful way to keep all of those memories safe for years to come, and fun for the kids to take out and sift through. Watch my vlog for more information and useful tips!

Comment below and tell me what YOU do (or don’t do!) when it comes to organizing school papers and storing kids’ artwork and projects!

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