How to Organize LEGOS

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As you all know, I’m a bit of a control freak, and disorganized LEGOS all over the place drives me batty — especially with a small baby waddling around.  Not only are they a choking hazard for small kids, but few things hurt as much as stepping on one of the little buggers! After years of struggle, here’s a new system I’m trying out in my house.  I’m hoping it’s easier and gets my kids to play with their LEGOS even more!

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Storage Ideas for Kids’ Bedrooms and Home

To save space, I throw away the original boxes and put the instructions in the same drawer. And for moms who are a bit OCD like me, I’ve organized the pieces by color and put them in separate see-through plastic bins for easy storage! This has been the best way to store LEGOS for my family, what about you Moms out there?

How do you handle and store toys with many pieces, especially those with small parts?! Any other ideas to organize your home?  Comment below!

best way to store legos

Organizing our Legos.

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