How To Nag Your Husband

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Hi everyone!!  Today is officially our last day of summer as my boys start school tomorrow.  Can you believe one of them gets diagnosed with STREP yesterday?  He’s on antibiotics and should be fine, but HELLO!  All summer we’re good until two days before school…he’s happily watching a movie right now, enjoying the advantages of being sick!  I lower my standards when my kids are sick, cutting more corners than usual…

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Anyway, lovely days here in NYC.  Clear skies, nice and cool.  I’m so excited for Fall and for all the new things I’m going to be doing on the site… we’ll be releasing a slew of new videos on strollers and baby carriers, and more, and I’m going to be blogging more often on my adventures with my wonderful kiddies… If you have anything you’re interested in seeing in the way of videos or other feedback, please feel free to comment anywhere on the site or to tweet me.  I’d love to hear what you’re interested in seeing..

OK, Melissa, get to the point!  Today’s VLOG!  And enough with the exclamation points, there’s an addiction.  Ha ha.

I was laughing as I wrote and filmed today’s vlog.  Thinking to myself that a key part of marital harmony is learning how to nag your husband or spouse!  Nagging is more important than you think when you are headed for baby land and primarily worried about how to change diapers, breastfeed or bottle feed, and what kind of stroller to buy.

How to Get Along with Your Husband

Here I walk through how I’ve learned NOT to communicate with my sweetie and why.

Do you have anything to recommend regarding how to get along with your spouse?  What issues cause fights in your house and when?  How do you make it work better?  How do you get your spouse to do what you need him or her to do?  Comment below.  I would love to hear from you!  Have a wonderful day and thanks so much for coming to my site!

xo Melissa

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