How To Handle the Terrible Twos

Hi everybody.  Hope your day is going great!  Answering a question from a YouTube viewer today Crystal Overbaugh: “How do you handle the terrible twos?” Crystal, as I explain in today’s video, my joke about 2 year old tantrums is that they become  3 year old tantrums, and then 4 year old tantrums, and so on, right up until college.  A lot to look forward to right?  Ha ha!

How To Handle the Terrible Twos

Seriously, this is a classic phrase that describes when a toddler starts having tantrums and fits.  And when this first happened to me, it was so shocking.  All of a sudden, my easy going child would be laying down on the floor and kicking and screaming and I was like “What are you doing? Acting? Is this SNL?”

As I explain in today’s video, the terrible twos is a term that was coined to describe toddler tantrums back in the 1950’s. This was likely due to so many families at the time trying to live up to a picture perfect image, and when children stopped behaving like compliant babies, moms did not know what to do!

What experts say is really happening is that the child has gotten more mobile and is testing limits, so we parents have to say “NO” a lot.  Meanwhile, children lack the language to articulate their feelings, which is frustrating for them so they tend to scream and have fits and tantrums.  The question for us is what can we do?

In today’s video, I describe what I’ve learned and what’s worked for me.  To start, praise the good behavior.  Second, wait out the fits and don’t react.  For more details and tips, watch.  Oh, and please weigh in.  How do you handle it when your kid starts to act like a crazy person?

Thanks for watching!

xo Melissa