How to Get in the Mood for Sex

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No matter how much you love your spouse, when you’ve had kids and babies hanging all over you all day, emails from coaches and schools, and countless other administrative and mommy duties, it can be hard to switch gears and get in the mood for sex. A lot of the time all I want when the day is winding down is a hot bath and a good book (not that I read much these days, but you get my point)!

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How to Get in the Mood for Sex

I’ve actually been realizing by observing myself go through this that despite how icky I might feel, there are a few things that do help me feel a little more ‘romantique’!  These range from self-pampering gestures to actually enlisting my husband in helping lighten my load.

Acts of kindness can definitely be rewarded and reciprocated. If your husband does something extra special for you, such as offer to cook or puts the kids to bed after you’ve had a tiring day, there are definitely ways to pay him back at the end of the day. Also, just buying yourself a new piece of lingerie (no need to get super VS fancy) can help you feel younger and sexier for your hubby! These are just a couple hints, but watch my video on how to ‘get it on’ in a healthy marriage!

If this is an issue for you too, send this along to your partner if you want to give a not-so-subtle hint, and tell me in the comments what (if anything) helps YOU feel frisky at the end of a long day and how you handle this issue in your relationship.  Would also appreciate any tips and advice you have because, boy, do we all need those.

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