How to do Tree Pose in Yoga

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Hello there, yogis. One of the most basic postures of vinyasa yoga, Vrksasana or Tree Pose appears simple to accomplish. Yet it requires tremendous balance and concentration. It’s name derives from two Sanskrit words: “Vkksa” meaning “tree” and “asana” meaning pose. Some consider Tree Pose with its meditative benefits to be a standing variation of a seated meditation posture. Staying calm and focused while balancing on one foot allows you to practice something life demands of us parents every day: that like a tree standing straight despite a strong wind, we maintain our strength of purpose within a chaotic world.

To execute Tree Pose, stand in your Mountain Pose with your arms at each side. Shift your weight to your left foot. Bend your right knee and then bend down while grasping your right inner ankle. With your hand, draw your right foot to your inner thigh. Then press hard! Press your foot into your thigh, press your abs in, and press your shoulders back.

The benefits of the tree pose in our latest Onzie yoga wear giveaway.

Tree Pose Benefits

Tree Pose stretches the thighs, torso and shoulders, builds strength in the ankles and legs, and tones your abs. It also helps to remedy flat feet and is therapeutic for sciatica. As an unofficial benefit, the fact that you’re able to balance your body in this fashion due to hard work and focus helps to lift self-esteem. Over time, I’ve been able to get my foot higher on my thigh, to maintain Tree Pose for longer periods, and to lift my arms up over my head as a variation.

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With my Tree Pose behind me, I posed for a few more pics at my mom’s house to show you all the outfit. I was so grateful to have her plush green trees behind me and the yellow light of the late-day sun.

The benefits of the tree pose in our latest Onzie yoga wear giveaway.

The benefits of the tree pose in our latest Onzie yoga wear giveaway.  The benefits of the tree pose in our latest Onzie yoga wear giveaway.

What enables you to remain focused and concentrated when you’re overwhelmed with the hundreds of details involved in taking care of a child? How do you find your inner calm and peace in a crazy world? Comment below and enter our Onzie Giveaway.

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