The Best Parenting Advice I Ever Received

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Hello everyone.  Gorgeous spring day here and I’m finally settling down to work on my computer in my little office/laundry room.  It’s hard NOT to be outside.  But I have to get today’s video out, right?

Today’s little video about is on one simple topic: what to do when your child won’t acknowledge they did something wrong?

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In the past, I’ve talked myself blue in the face trying to CONVINCE my kids that their behavior was not what it should have been.  Invariably, my cajoling occurs during moments when the child in question is so upset that his ears are sealed shut.  The outcome?  I’m exhausted by my explanations, and frustrated that I can’t get the child to acknowledge his mistake.  I interpret his failure to listen to me as an attitude problem, whereas really I am trying to get through to them at the worst possible time, when they are overcome by anger and feeling embarrassed, and therefore not in a position to listen. Everything collapses into one big power struggle between me and the child in question.  With my authority doubtful, I feel even more frustrated, hopeless and out of control.

Disciplining Children

Having gone through this repeatedly since I entered the world of toddler parenting around seven years ago, I sought out discipline advice from parenting experts and friends.  The most positive piece of parenting advice I ever received was the following: don’t expect your child to acknowledge that you are right.  Just discipline him in the way that makes sense for you, and move on.

For more details of the parenting advice I received and why it worked for me, plus an enactment of this scenario with one of my kids, watch my video.

And please weigh in.  Any parents out there with advice on disciplining even the most stubborn toddler or kid?