How to NOT Yell At Your Kids

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Hey guys! So I’m in the hotel room in London while Marc attends his conference and I can’t get over how W I E R D the sound of silence is.  Polar opposite to my average chaotic morning. So it’s odd to be publishing today’s vlog which is about how to avoid losing your temper with your kids.  I’m having fun bringing a bit of variety to CloudMom so in addition to our evergreen videos and vlogs on babies, toddlers, kids and mommydom, I’m gonna be doing our Friday Finds, the Weekly Wrap-Ups on what has happened chez moi, and try to do at least written post a week reflecting on, well, on life.  I hope you all like seeing these as much as I love putting them together!  So stay tuned tomorrow for a piece on what I’m learning about steps to a happy marriage…

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OK, getting down to business.  I feel like so much of parenting is uplifting and inspiring, but then you have those times when you’re so drained of energy and creativity and just plain frustrated (like when no one listens, sound familiar?), that you feel like you could lose it.  Because of this, I’m always on the lookout for so-called positive parenting solutions.

Parents Yelling At Kids

I try SO HARD to not lose my temper with my children, but I have to admit, it has happened.  In this Vlog, I walk through the most effective parenting techniques I’ve come across for those moments when you feel like you could yell at your kids … and of course you don’t want to!  It sounds strange, but when you’re really in the thick of things with young kiddies, I think learning not to yell is an acquired skill, like so many other parenting techniques.

How do you guys keep your cool when you’re on the verge of losing your temper with your kids?  Comment sharing your tips!

Hope this helps someone out there, and if you’ve got other advice to share, please do so below in the comments.  I love hearing from other moms and getting their advice.  I also love getting your comments and questions, so keep ’em coming.  Hope to see you tomorrow!

Xo Melissa