How to Survive Flying With 5 Kids

Hello Mamas!

My family recently returned home from Florida, which meant taking all five of my kids on an airplane. The good news is we all arrived home in one piece without any meltdowns (by the kids, the parents… or our fellow passengers).

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Best Travel Backpacks for Kids

My lifesaver on this trip? Individual backpacks! I gave each of my oldest children their own backpack to carry when traveling. The bags came with lots of useful pockets and outside storage. They loved using their own bins during security and feeling like a big kid! The bags were also great when it came to carrying snacks, activities, and more! As for airplane activities for kids, my kiddies LOVED sticker books. They gave me hours of hassle-free me time on the plane and I’m sure our fellow passengers were appreciative of these books that really held my kids’ attention. And my kiddies still have empty pages left for the next trip! The backpacks also held sleep masks, which really helped my kids get rest on the plane! Perfect for blocking out the light of our neighbor’s iPad or TV screen! For more on how I survived flying on an airplane with five kids, watch my vlog!

What are your strategies for traveling with kids? Comment below!

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Safe travels!

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