How I Film Vlogs At Home!

Hello hello! Hope everyone had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend. We were thrilled to have a visit from one of my best friends Kate and her family, who came in from England. We had a great dinner together at our house, and spent the next day in Central Park. Visitor’s are good for getting you out of the house! Check out my Instagram page for some photos of the kids making new friends.

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Between the end of school, Kate’s family’s visit, and my broken Nikon microphone, I’m back today with a video I shot on my iPhone. I’ve ordered a new mike for this week so hopefully we’ll be back in biz by later in the week.

Anyway… with my own technology a bit on the fritz, I am taking a few minutes to show anyone who is interested how I go about filming the Cloudmom vlogs. For anyone interested in how to start a video blog, hopefully this is helpful or interesting!  I love going into my little “studio” in Marielle’s room and talking to all of you, it’s such a joy. But getting the right camera, light and set up was a real process for me and so I’m sharing all that today.

My Vlogging Basics

The core of my blog is my Nikon D5200 –a camera recommended to me by Thiago, my loyal producer who helped me with the Baby’s First Year videos and our other demo type videos when we need a bit more, er, sophistication. Despite the fact that my clip on mike copped out after 1 year, I’ve loved this camera and feel so lucky to have it.

Next up is my professional light, which is a Photoflex light that I also adore! Having a light like this behind you is a terrific idea and will enhance your vlogs tremendously!

For more of the nitty gritty on how I film the vlogs, watch today’s vlog!

And thanks so much for watching CloudMom!