Hot Maternity Wear for Cold Winter Days

Hello, mamas!

So it’s been a while since I’ve been pregnant myself, (I so miss it though I think five kids is enough for me!), but I wanted to share some of my feelings toward winter maternity clothes for the mamas-to-be out there! Being a petite woman, I personally felt like a big, waddling snowman walking down the NYC streets dressed in multiple layers of fleece and wool and whatever maternity outerwear I could find. To say the least, I did not feel very sexy. So I thought it would be fun to piggyback off of a previous post I had written on an adorable holiday maternity dress I had stumbled upon. Let’s talk maternity clothes for the winter!

Hot Maternity Wear for Cold Winter Days

1. Leggings: With the 2016 fashion upon us, maternity clothes have definitely caught up with the times. I wish I had some of this stuff 10 years ago! But the maternity essentials that haven’t changed with the trends are leggings! I don’t know what I would have done without them when I was carrying all five of my kids. They are perfectly comfortable and are easy to dress up or dress down. Great for the winter too, just slip them into some boots and add some layered tops to create an effortless winter look!

Maternity leggings

2. Pencil Skirt: Now I know what you might be thinking… how the heck am I supposed to squeeze into a pencil skirt? Trust me, the skirts I had during my pregnancies were so stretchy and comfy, I barely felt they were there! Stretch is key when it comes to how to wear a pencil skirt while pregnant. And they were a nice way to dress up any outfit, whether I was going to church or going on a dinner date. The midi length on the skirts is perfect for a winter day out. Add a nice coat, tights, and boots, and you’re ready to rock the runway!

Maternity Midi Pencil Skirt

3. Plain T’s: Dressed up or dressed down, your outfit for any occasion starts with the basics. My personal favorites during my pregnancies were plain t’s and plain long-sleeved shirts. Colors like white, grey, and black were great because they go with literally everything, so I wasn’t staring at my closet every day thinking ‘What am I going to wear today?’ Also, the cotton t’s serve as a comfy but breathable layer under any outfit this winter season.

crewneck tee

4. Cardigan: Not only can a cardigan be super warm, it can finish just about any outfit! I like trying to match a fun-colored, patterned cardigan with one of the plainer tees I just mentioned above to give a great contrast. Pair it with a scarf, leggings, and a pair of riding boots and you’re all set!

Maternity Cardigan

5. Coat: Now this is a maternity winter coat I would have loved to have with my babies. How cute is this for pregnancy fashion?? I love the red, but black would be a nice slimming color, too. I just love the shape of the coat. Makes me wish I was pregnant again just so I could wear it!

Maternity Coat

Mamas-to-be, a very big congratulations and I hope you enjoyed this list of maternity wear must-haves for your winter style. Have a very healthy and happy pregnancy and let me know how it’s going in the comments below, I would love to hear from you!