Honoring Earth Day in Small Ways

Happy Earth Day everyone! I’m so excited to be a part of a video blast on YouTube today along with some of my best mommy vlogger pals.  From environmentally friendly cleaning products to organic skin care lines to organic foods, each of us is talking about the things we do at home to try and help the Earth in small ways.

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What does Earth Day mean for your family?  Weigh in below!

So what’s the story in our house?  I sort of cobbled this video together last minute, but it does have the gist of what my family has been trying to do (or so I hope ha ha). To start, we’ve tried to cut down on plastic by buying cardboard milk containers and storing food in glass as opposed to plastic bags. At first it seemed like a huge investment, but over time I think I’ve saved a lot through not buying disposable plastic bags.

Another thing we do is lean heavily towards homemade organic foods, including making our own cookies, which is healthier and cuts down not the packaging we are bringing home.  With the glass containers and the homemade cookies, our goal was healthy living, but I’ve realized that our habits are better for the Earth too.  I also recently did the switcheroo to green cleaning products, which I discuss in today’s video.  We’re not perfect and we’ve got a ways to go, but it’s a good feeling to know that you are supporting the Earth in small ways and setting an example for your kids.

Got any Earth Day ideas?  Please share below!  

Have a wonderful and healthy day.

xo Melissa