Holiday Gift Guide: Best Books for Toddlers

Hello, again!

This is the second show in my series on books from my bookshelves. In this video, I’m sharing my favorite books for toddlers from 18 months to 3 years old.  At this age, my kids still loved board books which were fun to touch and interact with, but the books did get longer and have more words.  Of all the things I’ve done with my kids, sitting and reading these books with them has been one of the most precious and wonderful experiences.

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Here are our big hits:

I’m getting ready for the holidays here and always looking for new ideas, so please send them below and I will see if I can enhance Marielle’s Christmas choices! Remember, books make wonderful (and pretty inexpensive!) stocking stuffers for toddlers!

What are your picks for best books for toddlers?

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