Healthy Christmas Desserts for Kids

Christmas is soon upon us and the kids are home from school…what better way to spend some quality time with your kids than by creating adorable holiday-themed treats? But holiday desserts can get pretty high in sugar and calories. So I’ve collected a few easy recipes that are a healthier alternative to sugary sweets. Here’s my list of six healthy desserts for kids, hope you enjoy!

Healthy Christmas Desserts for Kids

Easy family desserts for the Holidays

1. Grinch Kabobs – Bring back the holiday cheer that mean old Grinch stole with these adorable Dr. Seuss-themed treats! All you’ll need are grapes for the face, bananas and strawberries for the hat, and a marshmallow pompom. I love these healthy Christmas treats because they’re made mostly entirely of healthy fruit (so I won’t feel guilty when my kids eat a bunch) and can be made in a jiffy.

Grinch Party

2. Snow People Pretzel Sticks – Dreaming of a white Christmas? Bring the snow inside this winter with these cute snowmen low-calorie desserts! You’ll need bananas, baby carrots, pretzel sticks, fruit of your choosing, and mini chocolate chips or raisins for decoration. So fun!


3. Candy Cane Jell-O – This one involves a little more time and effort, but it’s a sweet treat that I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about serving my kids. For an even healthier option, I would go with sugar-free Jell-O packets and lite whipped cream to top it off with. A fun way to get the beautiful red and white stripes of the holiday season right at your dinner table!

Layered Jello Cups

4. Snowman popcorn – Say goodbye to boring old popcorn in a bowl. My kids love popcorn, and I know they’ll also love drawing their snowman face on the cup, tying the ribbons as scarves, and filling their cups with popcorn. I think it’s great that they can get as creative as they want with these. Makes an awesome anytime snack!

snowman popcorn cup

5. Cereal pine cones – Now that you’ve loaded up on all of that fruit, here’s your chocolate fix. I can’t believe how lifelike these easy Christmas desserts are! Who would have thunk they were made from chocolatey cereal, peanut butter, and nutella? Ok, so these probably aren’t the lowest in calories or sugar, so for a healthier alternative, opt for a chocolate cereal like Fiber One with only 80 calories. I know my kids (who have inherited my sweet tooth) will love making and eating these!


6. Edible Christmas Tree – Here’s another great fruit option to treat your kids (and yourself) to. This edible Christmas tree is almost too beautiful eat plus it can be used for decoration as a center piece! Your kids will have a blast arranging the tree the way they want with their favorite fruit or veggies.

edible christmas tree

Any healthy dessert recipes you’d like to share with the CloudMom community? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you!


Happy holidays!

xo M