Healthy Chicken for Kids (and Us Too!)

In my book, there are three requirements for making chicken for your kids: easy, fast and yummy.

Healthy Chicken for Kids (and Us Too!)Pin for later!

How do your prepare chicken for you kids? What healthy chicken meals have your kids loved?  Share your recipe below!  

Years back when I was in my 20’s and pretty much surviving on cans of soup, a friend of of mine shared with me her recipe for any chicken or white fish.  She mixed equal parts of breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese, soaked the chicken or fish in milk, coated it with the breadcrumbs/grated cheese mixture, and baked it in the oven at 350 degrees.  Hard to beat that.  Even when you’re in your 20’s, it’s something you can muster up the gusto to cook.

Healthy Chicken Meals

Over time, this recipe has evolved in our house.  The current version uses coconut oil, my latest obsession, which I use just enough of to coat a sauce pan.  I soak my chicken in whole milk (the longer the better, try for at least 30 minutes), and then coat it in breadcrumbs.  (If I have time, I mix some finely chopped yellow or red onion and garlic into the breadcrumbs.  You can also add some finely chopped parsley.)  Then, I lightly fry the chicken in the sauce pan.  You can see from this picture here that I’m not using a lot of oil.

chicken in sauce pan

By the way, only on my blog will you guys ever see a picture like this because MOMMY IS CAUGHT RED HANDED.  You see that big piece of missing chicken?  I ate it while I was cooking.  Yup.  Stealing food from your own kids is something every mother is completely permitted to do because if Mommy is starving, how can she care for the kids?

Back to the recipe… If you want to have this cooking while you do the kids’ bath (or catch up on Facebook and make them do their own baths), you can pop the chicken in the oven at around 350 degrees and depending on how thick your chicken is, it will be ready in around 30 minutes.  Easy peasy.

I try to buy organic chicken, especially after hearing an interview on NPR on the Bob Edwards’ show with the author of a recently published book called Foodopoly, Wenonah Hauter.  Check out what she has to say on what’s given in this country to conventional chickens… it’s stuff we parents need to know about.

Slice your chicken for the little ones, and add your normal roster of healthy sides.  Try for two veggies, brown rice, and tonight I added a little bit of mashed sweet potato.  I baked that in the oven and just mashed it with a fork.

chicken dinner

Could this be any easier?  My kids love it and they eat it right up.  On a good night, there’s enough left for mom and dad too.

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