Handling Post-Baby Leaking #DriFitDiaries

Sponsored by Dri-Fit™ incontinence products and feminine hygiene products.

Hi everyone. Melissa here, and welcome back to CloudMom. One of the things I’ve tried to do on CloudMom since we launched is to level with you guys about the ups and downs of pregnancy, babydom, and parenting in general. I’ve spoken about leaky breasts, trouble with sex after baby, the highs and lows of breastfeeding and milk supply, and even about my difficulty with disciplining my kids. I’ve even opened up about how annoyed I get when my husband naps! Yet it isn’t until now that I’ve opened up about another post-baby reality that has hit me hard: loss of bladder control.
Got a messy and embarrassing story to tell regarding a weak bladder post- pregnancy and birthing experience? Share your story in the comments using #DriFitDiaries and learn more about Dri-Fit™ pads here!Handling Post-Baby Leaking #DriFitDiariesOne of the things that happened to me post-baby that I’ve never spoken about before, and which I still live with everyday, is loss of bladder control. And whereas before I used feminine pads only for those final days of my period, now they are a daily way of life. Yet most pads only last a short while and are not comfortable to wear for longer stretches. With my later babies, as I packed their diaper bags to head out for the day, I also packed my own feminine hygiene products because those I used would tend to get soggy, sweaty or just uncomfortable quite quickly and I would need to change them throughout the day.Handling Post-Baby Leaking #DriFitDiariesToday I’m thrilled to announce a partnership with Dri-Fit™ incontinence products and feminine hygiene products to highlight the stories of real women through the #DriFitDiaries series. Due to a special technology that marries cotton and synthetics, Dri-Fit™ offers absorbent, comfortable feminine hygiene products that do the job while being light-weight enough to let you live your active mommy life. I speak about how much I’ve relied on them in the video above. I can even fit their pads into one of my mommy thongs and tight date night dresses and not look back. Love that!
Handling Post-Baby Leaking #DriFitDiariesBeing a mom is all about feeling comfortable and good in your own skin.Handling Post-Baby Leaking #DriFitDiariesThanks for reading, and for supporting moms and CloudMom.



This is a sponsored post. CloudMom has partnered with Dri-Fit™ incontinence products and feminine products as part of the #DriFitDiaries series. The Dri-Fit™ Diaries series is an opportunity to empower real women by talking about everything nobody told you. It’s a chance to talk about some of the ‘messier’ moments women can experience, but no one likes to talk about. Share your story using the hashtag #DriFitDiaries or visit madewithdrifit.com to learn more.