Halloween Costumes: Cheap and Easy Ideas

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Halloween is closer than you think! And it’s getting down to the wire to figure out costumes. How about DIY kids Halloween costumes this year? My video will give you all the money-saving ideas you’ll need this Halloween. The only thing that should be scaring you this year are the neighborhood haunted houses, not your credit card bill!

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Kids Halloween Costume Ideas

With five little trick-or-treaters on my hands, I’m always looking to save money on Halloween costumes!  This year I’m doing two things to try to save.  One, (this is really embarrassing), but I’m actually trying to get the kids excited about last year’s costumes.  Why not?  Marielle (almost 2) seems thrilled with the notion of being a mini-Spiderman.  Two, I’m trying to encourage my kids to create costumes from items we have around the house — the old “shop in your closet” theory…

So, in the spirit of savings, in this video I share ideas for costumes for girls and boys that you can make from things you already have right in the old house!  Now, that’s what I call cheap!

But what about you?  How do you save at Halloween when it comes to costumes? Have any ideas for easy homemade Halloween costumes?  Share below!