Stressed With Kids Before Bedtime?

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Hopefully by now you’re starting to get in the rhythm of parenthood and you and your family have established a good bedtime routine. Mastering this schedule is key, whether you are raising a big family or just welcoming a new baby into your life. If you still find yourself stressed out at a certain time of the day, it may be time to switch up the daily family routine! Watch for more on how I rearranged my schedule to work for me and the kids!

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Stress-Busters for Parents

For me, the end of the day can be really tough because everyone is tired and my patience is thin!  I get more stressed with kids at bedtime than at any other point.  To me, the key to reducing the stress on everyone is starting the process of getting ready for bed as early as possible.  Bathing your kids before dinner is one way to do this because with that out of the way, your kids can linger over dinner and books and you are less frantic thinking about what lies ahead.

Hope you enjoyed my video on why I favor baths before dinner, and comment with your advice on creating an easy bedtime routine.